Kwanzaa Festival 2013

Short Summary

Habibatique Inc. is a 501 3C non-profit organization located in San Jose CA,
dedicated to raising community awareness of the seven principals of
Kwanzaa.  We have presented the Kwanzaa festival to the community for 4 years and
find ourselves in need of additional funding for the festival we presented December 14,
2013.  We present the Festival each year with the hopes of educating the community
about Kwanzaa. KWANZAA is a time to remember our past, re-assess our priorities and
re-energize our community.

We believe that if our community would embrace the Kwanzaa principals it would be the
first step in making the world a better place.

The Impact

In past years we were able to successfully present the festival due to generous
business donations and citizens who practice the principals of Kwanzaa.  If we do not
raise the needed funds the festival is in jeopardy of not being held next year.  We
humbly ask for your donation to keep this festival alive.  No amount is too small. Please
help spread the word by email, calling or just talking about what everyone can do to
keep this festival alive.  We need your donation today!

      $10.00                      $25.00                      $50.00                     $100.00


      $250.00                   $500.00                  $1000.00                  $2500.00

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can not give a monetary donation we ask that you spread the
word.  We as a community together can save this festival.  You might not live
in or near San Jose CA  "BUT"  we all know someone who knows someone who can
make a difference.   

For further inquiries you can directly contact:   
Habiba Hall-Bey
Paula Greenwell

We sincerely thank you for your time and continued support to The Kwanzaa Festival.
Kwanzaa Festival 2013
Come and celebrate
3 community members
who have given of
themselves time and
time again. Celebration
starts at 10:00am.
Honoring Community Member’s

The Kwanzaa Festival celebrates Community Members in a unique celebration of individuals who through
local organizations have touched lives in our community.  We encourage Santa Clara County residents to
come and take a moment to recognize some of the real heroes in our community.

Opening the event will be “Tabia”  African American Theatre Ensemble.  Presenting the awards will be
the Honorable Santa Clara County Supervisor Dave Cortese, of District 3.  In attendance for this
ceremony will be San Jose City Councilwoman vice- chair Madison Nguyen and San Jose Councilman Ash
Kalra along with other distinguished members of the community.

The honorees this year will be:
Michael Cunningham
Nellie Lee
Renee Kojak